Imperial China (Architectural guides for travellers)

Imperial China (Architectural guides for travellers)

by Charis Chan (Author)


The extraordinary legacy of the Chinese Emperors - their palaces, temples, tombs and parks - is the subject of this guide. Although most of the surviving buildings date from the Quing dynasty (1644-1911), it is shown that the ideas that shaped them date back 2000 years. An introduction explains the history and philosophical ideas fundamental to an appreciation of Chinese architecture. The main section of the book then sets out the background to each site, before taking the reader on a step-by-step tour of its buildings, explaining principles and methods of construction, and highlighting the often stunning decorative details. Most of the buildings described in the book are to be found in or around Beijing, itself the product of a grand architectural design reflecting the central and divine status of the emperor as son of heaven . Also included are the Imperial tomb sites, various sections of the Great Wall, and the emperors' summer resort of Chengde.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 176
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Viking
Published: 25 Apr 1991

ISBN 10: 067082643X
ISBN 13: 9780670826438