Lecture Notes on Tropical Medicine

Lecture Notes on Tropical Medicine

by Dion R . Bell (Author), C . Gilks (Author), Malcolm Molyneux (Author), M G M Smith (Author), George Wyatt (Author)


This is a core text of tropical medicine with an emphasis on the practical aspects of problem-solving in the tropics. It is a practical companion for the increasing number of medical students and junior doctors who have the opportunity to practice medicine in the tropics. This edition includes more case histories and self-assessment questions which put the subject into a clinical, problem-based context. For many, the limited laboratory backup and choice of effective treatments places a greater burden on their clinical common sense than might otherwise be the case. This book tells you what the effective doctor would do when confronted by an ill patient. It presents a concise account of the conditions which cause serious tropical disease and concentrates upon those conditions which are treatable.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Edition: 4th Edition
Publisher: WileyBlackwell
Published: 04 Apr 1995

ISBN 10: 063203839X
ISBN 13: 9780632038398

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[This book] 'tells you what the safe, humane doctor actually does when confronted by an ill patient with only his or her clinical skills for guidance, nothing in the laboratory pipeline, and a very limited choice of available treatments'. British Medical Journal