The Perfect Puppy: Britain's Number One Puppy Care Book

The Perfect Puppy: Britain's Number One Puppy Care Book

by Gwen Bailey (Author)


Gwen Bailey's bestselling puppy care guide has helped hundreds of thousands of owners throughout the world raise a problem-free dog. Now, updated with the latest findings in canine behaviour and a completely new user-friendly design, this revised edition will teach you how to raise a problem-free dog. From housetraining to playing games, it will show you how to teach your dog good manners and build his confidence with the world around him. There are step-by-step training and socialization plans as well as a guide to understanding and preventing biting, chewing and other problems. If you want your puppy to develop into a happy, well-behaved and friendly adult dog, you cannot afford to be without this book.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Edition: Revised edition
Publisher: Hamlyn
Published: 15 May 2008

ISBN 10: 060061722X
ISBN 13: 9780600617228
Book Overview: The Perfect Puppy is one of the most popular puppy-care guides in the world, having sold over 350,000 copies. This completely revised and updated edition is sure to continue selling for years to come. It is estimated that there are around 140 million pet dogs in the world. Some 55 million of them are in the United States, with around 7.5 million living in Britain.

Author Bio
Gwen Bailey was the Head of Animal Behaviour for The Blue Cross, one of Britain's foremost animal welfare charities, for many years and also spent 15 years as Chairman of The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. As well as lecturing at national and international conferences, Gwen also runs training courses for staff at animal charities around the world and is the owner of The Puppy School, establishing a network of professional, well-trained tutors across the UK. She is the author of several dog-training titles including Puppy School, What is my Dog Thinking?, The Rescue Dog and Choosing the Right Dog for You, all published by Hamlyn.