iPod: The Missing Manual

iPod: The Missing Manual

by J.D.Biersdorfer (Author)


With the new Shuffle, the Nano, the Classic, and the Touch, Apple's gotten the world hooked on portable music, pictures, videos - and the iPod. One thing they haven't delivered, though, is an easy guide for getting the most from this sleek entertainment center. Enter iPod: The Missing Manual, 8th Edition - a book as breathtaking, satisfying, and reliable as its subject. In a handy, travel-friendly size, this new edition provides a no-nonsense view of iTunes and everything in the latest iPod line, with crystal-clear explanations, easy-to-follow color graphics, and guidance on all the amazing things you can do, including the below. Out of the box and into your ears - find out how to install iTunes and load music on your iPod. And get advice on buying copy-protection-free songs from stores like Amazon and Rhapsody. Bopping around the iPod - learn everything from turning it on and off to shaking your iPod Nano to shuffle your tracks. In tune with iTunes - choose which parts of your iTunes library load onto your iPod, move your sacred iTunes Folder to a bigger hard drive, and add album covers to your collection. Picking playlists like a Genius - let iTunes' new Genius feature whip up smart playlists from your library, and suggest songs from the iTunes Store that fit with what you already own. The power of the 'Pod - download movies and TV shows and learn how to start watching them on your iPod and finish viewing them on your TV. Play photo slideshows, find cool podcasts, and more. Welcome to the App Store - soup up your iPod Touch, from upgrading to the 2.0 firmware to installing the iTunes Store's nifty new collection of programs - including games that turn the Touch into a pocket 3-D arcade. Even if you don't buy one of the new iPod models, this Missing Manual has plenty of information on the latest version of iTunes, the App Store, and everything else you want to know about this incredible device.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Edition: 8
Publisher: Pogue Press
Published: 02 Nov 2009

ISBN 10: 0596804318
ISBN 13: 9780596804312

Author Bio
J.D. Biersdorfer is the author of iPod: The Missing Manual and The iPod Shuffle Fan Book, and is co-author of The Internet: The Missing Manual and the second edition of Google: The Missing Manual. She has been writing the weekly computer Q&A column for the Circuits section of The New York Times since 1998. David Pogue, Yale '85, is the weekly personal-technology columnist for the New York Times and an Emmy award-winning tech correspondent for CBS News. His funny tech videos appear weekly on CNBC. And with 3 million books in print, he is also one of the world's bestselling how- to authors. He wrote or co-wrote seven books in the For Dummies series (including Macs, Magic, Opera, and Classical Music). In 1999, he launched his own series of amusing, practical, and user-friendly computer books called Missing Manuals, which now includes 100 titles. David and his wife Jennifer Pogue, MD, live in Connecticut with their three young children. His web site is www.davidpogue.com.