Active Directory

Active Directory

by RobbieAllen (Author), Alistair G . Lowe - Norris (Author)


This work provides system and network administrators, IT professionals, technical project managers, and programmers with a clear, detailed look at Active Directory for both Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. The upgraded Active Directory that ships with Windows Server 2003 has over 100 new and enhanced features and once again, O'Reilly has the answers to puzzling questions. While Microsoft's documentation serves as an important reference, Active Directory, 2nd Edition is a guide to help the curious (and weary) understand the big picture. In addition to the technical details for implementing Active Directory, several new and significantly enhanced chapters describe the numerous features that have been updated or added in Windows Server 2003 along with coverage of new programmatic interfaces that are available to manage it. After reading the book you will be familiar with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), multi-master replication, Domain Name System (DNS), Group Policy, and the Active Directory Schema, among many other topics.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 752
Edition: 2
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Published: 21 Apr 2003

ISBN 10: 0596004664
ISBN 13: 9780596004668

Author Bio
Robbie Allen is a Senior Systems Architect in the Advanced Services Technology Group at Cisco Systems. He was instrumental in the deployment and automation of Active Directory, DNS and DHCP at Cisco, and is now working on network automation tools. Robbie enjoys working on both the UNIX and Windows platforms, especially when Perl is installed. He is a firm believer that all system administrators should be proficient in at least one scripting language and most of his writings preach the benefits of automation. Alistair G. Lowe-Norris is an enterprise program manager for Microsoft U.K., although during the writing of this book he worked for Leicester University as the project manager and technical lead of the Rapid Deployment Program for Windows 2000. During his time there, Leicester was part of Microsoft's U.K. and U.S. Rapid Deployment Programs for Windows 2000, and was responsible for rolling out what turned out to be one of the world's largest deployments of Windows 2000 preceding release of the final product. He is the technical editor of the Win32 Scripting Journal, for which he writes a monthly article, as well as the technical consultant for the U.K.-based Windows NT Explorer magazine. He has contributed articles for Windows 2000 Magazine (formerly Windows NT Magazine.) He also writes for the Motley Fool U.K. investment site as TMFAlistair, helping to lay bare the complexities of investing in simple terms. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and has been using Windows 2000 daily since October 1997.