Ant:  The Definitive Guide

Ant: The Definitive Guide

by EricM.Burke (Author), JesseTilly (Author)


Ant is the premier build-management tool for Java environments. Ant is part of Jakarta, Sun's open source reference implementation for the J2EE specification, is written entirely in Java, and is platform independent. Using XML, a Java developer describes the modules involved in a build, and the dependencies between those modules. Ant then does the rest, compiling components as necessary in order to build the application. Using Ant, Java developers can: define build chunks, the results that they must produce, and the dependencies between them; automatically retrieve source code from source control systems such as PVCS; build applications by having Ant compile the necessary source files in the proper order; Ant build files are written using XML so programmers are not required to learn yet another scripting language. They will likely already know XML, and will be able to leverage that knowledge. Ant is an open source project, and part of the Jakarta project. Jakarta is Sun's open source reference implementation for the JSP and Servlets specifications, and is part of the Apache group's work.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Edition: 1
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Published: 20 May 2002

ISBN 10: 0596001843
ISBN 13: 9780596001841

Author Bio
Jesse is a developer with HotelTools, Inc. in Atlanta, GA. He has been working exclusively with BEA WebLogic developing and managing hospitality applications over the Internet. Eric Burke is a Senior Software Engineer with Object Computing, Inc. in St. Louis, MO. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and has a background in C++, Java, Unix, GUI development, and Web development. In addition to consulting/mentoring, Eric has teaching various Java, Object Oriented, and XML courses for the past four years. He currently acts as a mentor for three different clients on projects that are heavily utilizing Servlets, Swing, XML, XSLT, EJB, and CORBA.