Oracle Essentials: Oracle9i, Oracle8i and Oracle8: Oracle9i, Orcle8i and Oracle8

Oracle Essentials: Oracle9i, Oracle8i and Oracle8: Oracle9i, Orcle8i and Oracle8

by RickGreenwald (Author), RobertStackowiak (Author), JonathanStern (Author)


This text provides information about Oracle's myriad technologies and releases into a compact, easy-to-read volume filled with focused text, illustrations, and helpful hints. Oracle9i promises to be an even more significant upgrade than Oracle8i, offering such major features as Real Application Clusters, flashback queries, Oracle personalization, clickstream intelligence, and Oracle Database Cache and Web Cache; it also promises significant improvements in Oracle's business intelligence, XML integration, high availability, and management capabilities. This book includes overviews of these features, as well as the new Oracle9I Application Server (Oracle9iAS) and Oracle9i Portal. The book contains chapters on: Oracle products, options, and overall architecture for Oracle9i and other recent releases; installing and running Oracle: creating databases, configuring Net8 (known as Oracle Net in Oracle9i), starting up and shutting down Oracle; Oracle data structures, datatypes, and ways of extending datatypes; managing Oracle: security, the Oracle Enterprise Manager, fragmentation and reorganization, and backup and recovery. Oracle networking, monitoring, and tuning; multi-user concurrency, online transaction processing (OLTP), and high availability; hardware architectures (e.g., SMP, MPP, NUMA) and their impact on Oracle; data warehousing and distributed databases; and Oracle9i, Oracle8i, and the Web, including the latest Java, Web, and XML technologies, interMedia, Oracle9i Application Server, and Oracle9i Portal.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 450
Edition: 2
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Published: 12 Jun 2001

ISBN 10: 0596001797
ISBN 13: 9780596001797

Media Reviews
'excellent overview'. Computer Bulletin, November 2001 (****)
Author Bio
Rick Greenwald has been active in the world of computer software for nearly two decades, including stints with Data General, Cognos, and Gupta. He is currently an analyst with Oracle Corporation. He has published six books and countless articles on a variety of technical topics, and has spoken at conferences and training sessions across six continents. In addition to Oracle Essentials, Rick's books include Oracle Power Objects Developer's Guide (principal author with Kasu Sista and Richard Finklestein, Oracle Press, 1995); Mastering Oracle Power Objects (principal author with Robert Hoskins, O'Reilly & Associates, 1996); Using Oracle Web Server (principal author with many others, Que Publishing, 1997); The Oracle WebDB Bible (principal author with Jim Milbery, IDG Books Worldwide, 1999); and Administering Exchange Server (principal author with Walter Glenn, Microsoft Press, 1999). Robert Stackowiak is Senior Director of E-Business Intelligence for Oracle Corporation's Enterprise Technology Center. He works with Oracle's largest customers in North America, providing insight into the company's products and data warehousing strategy. In addition, he frequently assists Oracle Corporate in developing product strategy and training. Prior to joining Oracle in 1996, Robert was the Decision Support Segment Manager in IBM's RISC System/6000 Division. There, he met with IBM's largest customers throughout North America who were implementing RS/6000s and the IBM RS/6000 SP. He also previously worked as a Senior Field Analyst at Harris Computer Systems and as Chief of Programming at the St. Paul District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Articles written by Bob have appeared in publications including The Journal of Data Warehousing, Informix Tech Notes, and AIXcellence Magazine. Jonathan Stern has more than 13 years of IT experience, including senior positions in consulting, systems architecture, and technical sales. He has in-depth experience with the Oracle RDBMS across all major open systems hardware and operating systems, covering tuning, scaling and parallelism, Oracle Parallel Server, high availability, data warehousing, OLTP, object-relational databases, N-tier architectures, and emerging trends such as Java and CORBA. He has authored papers and presented at internal and external conferences on topics such as scaling with Oracle's dynamic parallelism and the role of reorganizing segments in an Oracle database. Jonathan is the Technical Director at Ariba, Inc., the leading vendor of value chain solutions for electronic commerce. Previously, he led a team of highly experienced database specialists at Oracle Corporation, providing technical depth and strategic assistance to Oracle's largest customers in the North Central USA.