History of Modern China (The Present and The Past)

History of Modern China (The Present and The Past)

by E.E.Moise (Author)


Readable, informative and clear, this widely used survey of twentieth-century China has been a welcome introduction to an unfamiliar world for many thousands of readers since its first appearance in 1986. Much has happened since then, with political tension going hand in hand with a spectacular economic growth under Deng Xiaoping that has caused the outside world to recognise China, with mixed emotions, as a rising superpower. This eagerly awaited and substantially expanded new edition (reset in a more generous format) brings the story up to date.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Edition: 1
Publisher: Longman
Published: 17 Mar 1986

ISBN 10: 0582490774
ISBN 13: 9780582490772