Yoga For Cats

Yoga For Cats

by WalterReiner (Author)


Stress - the curse of the feline classes! Is your cat strung out by the endless wait for dinnertime? Losing sleep through watching too much daytime television? Edgier than a kitten on a hot tin roof? Yoga for Cats can help you change all that. The feline fitness programme, it will help your cat find a new sense of inner tranquillity and well-being. By following the carefully laid out exercises and immersing itself in Oriental wisdom and meditation, your fat cat will soon become not only a shadow of its former self, but also the coolest cat in the alley.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: Phoenix
Published: 09 Nov 2000

ISBN 10: 0575403004
ISBN 13: 9780575403000
Book Overview: Over 150,000 copies sold since first publication This is a brilliantly funny collection - the perfect stocking filler An ever-popular subject for cat lovers everywhere Reissued in Indigo paperback Illustrated throughout with colour drawings, outlining exactly how your cat can be the fittest in town!