The Caliban Shore: The Tale of the

The Caliban Shore: The Tale of the "Grosvenor" Castaways

by StephenTaylor (Author)


The Grosvenor was one of the finest East Indiamen of her day, but she ran aground on the treacherous coast of south-east Africa. An astonishing number of her crew and passengers, including women and children, reached the shore safely, but the castaways found themselves hundreds of miles from the nearest European outpost - and utterly ignorant of their surroundings and the people among whom they found themselves. Drawing upon much new research, Stephen Taylor pieces together this extraordinary saga, sifting the myths that became attached to The Grosvenor from a reality that is no less gripping. Taking the reader to the heart of what is now the Wild Coast of Pondoland, he reveals the misunderstandings that led to tragedy, tells the story of those who escaped, and unravels the mystery of those who stayed.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 297
Edition: Export Ed.
Publisher: Faber and Faber Ltd
Published: 19 Feb 2004

ISBN 10: 0571223303
ISBN 13: 9780571223305

Author Bio
Stephen Taylor grew up in South Africa, and now works for The Times. He is the author of several celebrated books on Africa. The Mighty Nimrod (1989) was praised by Wilfred Thesiger as 'comprehensive and perceptive', while Jan Morris declared his history of the Zulu people, Shaka's Children (1994) a 'generous and truly moving work'. His most recent, Livingston's Tribe: A Journey from Zanzibar to the Cape was described in the Daily Mail as the 'most honest as well as the most enthralling account out of Africa for years'.