Old Harry's Game: v.1: Starring Robert Duncan Vol 1 (BBC Radio Collection)

Old Harry's Game: v.1: Starring Robert Duncan Vol 1 (BBC Radio Collection)

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Six episodes from the first two BBC Radio 4 series of the fiendishly funny comedy set in hell. 'One of the great comic creations of recent years' Sunday Telegraph It's not easy being Satan. Thrown out of heaven by a vengeful, white-haired God merely for daring to voice the concerns of middle management and condemned for all eternity to listen to Edith Piaf and Elvis Presley. Still, there are new arrivals to welcome - the Professor, an atheist whose unerring optimism is a nasty blow, and Thomas, chairman of a privatised water company (so vile that Judas Iscariot starts calling him the Guv'nor). Satan has to deal with a rebellion of his own from head demon Gary: he wants staff feedback sessions, more flexible rostering and wider access to nuns and virgins. And with human depravity on the increase hell's getting ever more crowded: time for a new assistant. Will Scumspawn get the job? A fiery furnace of brilliant one-liners and biting satire, Old Harry's Game is the insider's guide to Hell. (Bet you didn't know God's real name was Nigel.)

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