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Talk Japanese is the ideal course for absolute beginners. Designed for adults learning at home or in a class, it covers all the basic language you'll need in everyday situations, so you can make the most of your visit from the moment you arrive! Talk Japanese's rewarding step-by-step approach makes progress rapid and is effective in teaching even the least confident of language learners. It makes the language more accessible by presenting it using the Roman alphabet, but you will also learn to recognise some common signs in the Japanese writing system. Packed with enjoyable activities, it's fun too! This 128-page book is also available to buy in a pack with two 60-minute audio CDs (9780563520313) to get the most out of your learning.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 128
Item Height 10 mm
Item Width 126 mm
Item Weight 321 Gram
Product Dimensions 126 x 10 x 204
Publisher BBC Active
Format Paperback | 128