In Search of the Dark Ages (Classics)

In Search of the Dark Ages (Classics)

by Michael Wood (Author)


This work explores the mysterious centuries between the Romans and the Norman Conquest of 1066. In this revised edition Michael Wood conjures some of the most famous names in British History, such as Queen Boadicea, leader of a terrible war of resistance against the Romans, and King Arthur, the "once and future king" for whose riddles Wood proposes a surprising solution. It also covers the Saxon, Viking and Norman kings who laid the political foundations of England - Offa of Mercia, Alfred The Great, Athelstan, and William the Conquerer. The book reflects historical, textual and archaeological research, which overturns the Dark Ages as a shadowy and brutal era.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: New Ed
Publisher: BBC Books
Published: 08 Aug 1991

ISBN 10: 056336291X
ISBN 13: 9780563362913