Improve Your Child's I. Q. and Behaviour

Improve Your Child's I. Q. and Behaviour

by StephenSchoenthaler (Author)


In January 1988 a QED programme on BBC television entitled "Your Child's Diet on Trial" reported on the findings of two scientific trials on the nutrition of adolescents. These showed that giving children vitamins and mineral supplements can significantly increase their IQ and decrease their delinquent behaviour. The programme caused a great deal of controversy. Sales of vitamin pills rocketed immediately and there was a mass of press coverage. Expert nutritionists poured scorn on the findings that some children in Britain are malnourished and that this adversely affects their behaviour and academic performance. This book is published to coincide with a second QED programme which reveals evidence of new trials which are intended to prove once and for all that diet does influence juvenile IQ and behaviour. The key areas covered in the book include: the effects of junk food, the right diet for mothers and new-born babies, recognizing the warning signs for behavioural problems, sample diets which provide the right vitamins, shopping lists for healthy foods and nutritious snacks, sample tests to monitor your child's IQ. The author is responsible for a trial on 1000 schoolchildren and a study on juvenile delinquents which forms the basis for the second QED programme.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 206
Publisher: Penguin Character Books Ltd
Published: 28 Feb 1991

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