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The Crowstarver

3.95 (123 Ratings by Goodreads)
The Crowstarver

The Crowstarver

3.95 (123 Ratings by Goodreads)
ISBN13: 9780552546034
Published Date: 1 July, 1999

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Crowstarving was the ideal job for Spider - he was on his own - yet never alone, for all around him were animals of one sort or another. Discovered as a foundling in a lambing pen, Spider Sparrow grows up surrounded by animals. From sheep and horses to wild otters and foxes, Spider loves them all, even the crows must scare away the newly sown wheat. Amazingly, every animal who meets Spider implicitly trusts the young boy. This magical rapport is Spider's unique gift, but nothing else in his tough life is so easy.

Unflinching realism . . . A darkly atmospheric thriller * Guardian *
A finely crafted book . . . Revelling in description and imagery . . . Dick King-Smith is an exceptional writer * Books for Keeps *
A powerful and heartwarming story * TES *
This book demonstrates everything everything that is good avout writing for children. It is a book of love and wonder thoroughly recommended to adults and young people alike * Carousel *

DICK KING-SMITH was a Gloucestershire farmer until the age of 45, when he gave up farming to become a primary school teacher. As a bestselling full-time author, his work received many awards including a Bronze Medal for the Smarties Prize of l997 for All Because of Jackson and the Children's Book Award in l995 for Harriet's Hare. In l992, he was also voted Children's Author of the Year. In l995, his top-selling title The Sheep-Pig was developed into a box-office movie, BABE, introducing hundreds of thousands of youngsters to his work. He died in 2011.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 192
Item Weight 100 Gram
Product Dimensions 126 x 14 x 196
Publisher Corgi Childrens
Format Illustrated | 192
Book Overview A touching novel about the relationship between man and beast from a true master of storytelling
Prizes Winner of Smarties Book Prize Bronze Award 1998 and Times Educational Supplement NASEN Award 1998. Shortlisted for Smarties Book Prize 9-11 Category 1998.