Biotechnology (Studies in Biology)

Biotechnology (Studies in Biology)

by JohnE.Smith (Author)


Biotechnology concerns the practical application of organisms or their components. Historically, biotechnology was an art, involved in the production of wines, beers and cheeses. Nowadays it involves a series of advanced technologies spanning biology, chemistry, and process engineering. In recent years innovations involving genetic engineering have had a major impact on biotechnology. Its applications are diverse, including the production of new drugs, transgenic organisms and biological fuels, gene therapy and clearing up pollution. John Smith, writing in a readily accessible way, describes the history, techniques and applications of biotechnology as well as discussing the ethical issues raised by this modern science. The third edition of this successful book has nearly doubled in size to take account of recent advances. It is important reading for anyone, from school onwards, interested in this field.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 252
Edition: Third Edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 21 Mar 1996

ISBN 10: 0521449111
ISBN 13: 9780521449113
Book Overview: Describes the history, techniques, applications and ethics of biotechnology.

Media Reviews
'Readers who are already familiar with basic terms of molecular biology will enjoy this book and find it a valuable resource to broaden their perspective on the potential of biotechnology.' Peter Meyer, Trends in Genetics
'... packed with useful information and is written in an easily accessible style suited to a useful course text ... it now includes expanded sections covering such important and timely topics as clean technology, gene therapy, patent protection, the release of GMOs and the application of human genetic research. Strongly recommended.' John Colby, Society for General Microbiology Quarterly