Computer Simulation in Management Science

Computer Simulation in Management Science

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Computer Simulation in Management Science Michael Pidd The Management School. University of Lancaster, UK The fourth edition of this book reflects its continued popularity and standing in the field. It provides a clear guide to the role of modelling in the computer simulation methods used in management science. Readers will find an in-depth coverage of the modelling, computing and statistical aspects of discrete simulation and systems dynamics. Part I is a general introduction to the simulation methods commonly used in management science. Part II gives a detailed exposition of discrete event simulation, and Part III provides a description of the methods of system dynamics as an approach to policy modelling within organisations. Overall, the book shows why computer simulation within organisations. Overall, the book shows why computer simulation models are popular and gives a thorough guide to their construction and use. Revisions to this edition include a completely new chapter on computer simulation in practice, which discusses how best to make use of computer simulation models in achieving real benefits within organisations. Updated areas include: three-phase and other methods sampling methods output analysis and experimentation discrete simulation software system dynamics simulation There are also links to software libraries in Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Visual BASIC and Java on the World Wide Web.

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Michael Pidd is Professor and Head of the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University, having previously been Professor of Management Studies. He is well--known as one of Britain's leading specialists in computer simulation, having taught the subject for over twenty years. He has published over 50 papers, articles and books. He is the author of Tools for Thinking: Modelling in Management Science, which is also published by John Wiley & Sons.