The eBay Phenomenon: Business Secrets Behind the World's Hottest Internet Company (Wiley Audio)

The eBay Phenomenon: Business Secrets Behind the World's Hottest Internet Company (Wiley Audio)

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The buzz about The ebay Phenomenon "David Bunnell's portrayal of eBay paints a picture of one of the most daring, fanatically innovative, customer-centric companies on the planet. It demonstrates how a small, driven group of people can listen to customers and reinvent the world-inspiring!" -David Siegel, author, Futurize Your Enterprise "Read The eBay Phenomenon if you want the inside account of how this innovative company became one of the decade's greatest business success stories. Regardless of what business you're in, David Bunnell's exciting chronicle offers valuable lessons and a riveting narrative." -Eric Nee, Senior Writer, Fortune

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A good yarn for those who like to read about clever business types. (Freelance Informer, 26th January 2001) The book does provide an interesting look at the types of business strategies that one of the real Internet success stories has adopted. (Internet Works, February 2001)

DAVID BUNNELL is CEO and Editor of Upside Media and a member of their Board of Directors. Leveraging off its flagship magazine, Upside has created a number of products in different media, including the Internet, books, conferences, and television. Prior to joining Upside, Bunnell founded PC Magazine and PC World. He is also the author of Making the Cisco Connection (Wiley). RICHARD LUECKE is an experienced writer and editor who has contributed to several successful business books.