Employment Law

Employment Law

ISBN13: 9780421434103

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There has been a widespread feeling that previous student texts on employment law have either been oversimplified, with insufficient detail, or so detailed that it is difficult for students to get a broad understanding of the subject. Gwyneth Pitt has written "Employment Law" with a view to striking a balance, giving the student a succinct account of the foundations of the law of employment and industrial relations, but also promoting a better understanding of the law. The text offers a critical approach to stimulate further thought, discussion and to foster the student's ability to act as an independent researcher in keeping with the current emphasis on skills. Furthermore, the law is presented within the context of real issues that arise in the workplace to promote better understanding and also within the wider context of international and European developments. This area of law is subject to a substantial flow of cases, statutes, codes and directives, and the primary aim of the text is to present this ever-increasing body of law in a concise way.

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