Environmental Planning for Site Development

Environmental Planning for Site Development

by A . R . Beer (Author)


The process of site analysis is fundamental to most projects in landscape design, architecture, urban planning and land management. It is a method of identifying problems that arise from the inter-relationship between people and the land. This book ensures that all involved in making land use and land management decisions are aware of the link between the physical environment, nature and what man has done, and can do on any area of land - if environmental damage and the long term costs of managing the new landscapes are to be kept to a minimum. It gives an introduction to site planning which shows landscape architects and planners and developers how their particular expertise fits into the total scope of site planning. Armed with this practical book, the environmental planner will have a check-list to use when carrying out surveys, drawing up ideas and producing the final site plans. The layout of the book is concise and practical and set out as a working tool. Its many illustrations, plans, flowcharts and check-lists make it a highly accessible and relevant book for students and practitioners in a wide range of disciplines.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Edition: REPRINT
Publisher: Spon Press
Published: 23 Aug 1990

ISBN 10: 0419153004
ISBN 13: 9780419153009