An Atlas of World Affairs

An Atlas of World Affairs

by Andrew Boyd (Author)


An Atlas of World Affairs, revised and in print since 1957, has proved a valued guide for the student, teacher, journalist and all those interested in post-war political history and current affairs. The economic, social and environmental systems of the world are in turmoil. The last few years have seen possibly irrevocable changes in the politics of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Entirely revised and updated, An Atlas of World Affairs describes the people, factions and events that have shaped the modern world from the second world war to the present day. International issues and conflicts are placed in their geographical contexts through the integration of a hundred maps. The political context provided for current events will be invaluable to all those uncertain about the changing map of Europe and the USSR, the situation in the 'new' South Africa, and the appearances in the headlines and on our television screens by Chechyna, the Taliban, Mercosur, the CFE treaty, the Pentagonal and Visegrad groups, Guateng, Transdniestria, EMU and Schengenland. This tenth edition provides guidance through all these recent changes (and many more).


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: 10
Publisher: Routledge
Published: 05 Mar 1998

ISBN 10: 0415106710
ISBN 13: 9780415106719

Media Reviews
You can't tell the fragments of the former Soviet Bloc apart without a scorecard...Andrew Boyd has created one.
-Bloomsburg, Mar 1998
. . . it needs no introduction. Just a reminder that the latest version is out.
-The Diplomatist (UK)