The First Industrial Nation: Economic History of Britain, 1700-1914

The First Industrial Nation: Economic History of Britain, 1700-1914

by PeterMathias (Author)


The First Industrial Nation plots the course and explains the process of industrial development in Britain in the generations after 1700, and employs a wide range of comparisons to describe the rhythm of change during the 150 years that saw Britain become the world's greatest industrial power. From 1850, the growing competitive pressures of an industrializing world brought difficulties of an unfamiliar kind, and the author discusses the relationships of all the main economic sectors during this long sequence of challenge and response in the international economy: from being the first industrial nation to appear in the world, Britain became its first mature' economy. While the text does not demand economic and econometric expertise, it analyses the economic and social dimensions of change in all their complexity and shows how the history of that transformation is of particular significance in the comparative study of economic development in the twentieth century.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
Edition: New ed of 2 Revised ed
Publisher: Routledge
Published: Sep 1990

ISBN 10: 041502756X
ISBN 13: 9780415027564

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'Remains the finest textbook of British economic history between 1700 and 1914 available to sixth-form and undergraduate students.' - Teaching History

'It should be made available to every sixth-form pupil taking an Advanced level course in the subject.' - Economics