My Vision for a New You

My Vision for a New You

by SteveBell (Author)


Feeling apathetic? Lacking motivation? Find it difficult to say no to second (and third) helpings? Vote for whomever you want and still lose weight, with the amazing new Blair method! I can make you grin your way to success. I can make you quit smoking. I can bring you healing and forgiveness. I can help you calm your inner tyrant. Remain relentlessly positive in the face of reality with this, the ultimate self-help book. Guru Blair's "My Vision for a New You" is designed to banish all demons and help you keep the blues at bay. The Blair method uses a thoughtful blend of metaphors, rhetoric and idealisation exercises to shoehorn you into the ideal shape, size and weight.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Publisher: Methuen Publishing Ltd
Published: 19 Oct 2006

ISBN 10: 0413775933
ISBN 13: 9780413775931

Author Bio
Steve Bell is Britain's most imaginative and radical satirical cartoonist. His award-winning If... strip has been appearing daily in the Guardian for over twenty years.