Competition Law

Competition Law

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"(PUBLICATION FIRST MARKED AS OUT OF PRINT 09/10/03)Whish: Competition Law introduces the reader to the competition law of the EC and the UK, describing the constituent parts of the law, analysing the way in which the law affects particular commercial phenomena, and explaining the economic context in which competition law operates.This new edition has been revised in line with the enormous changes in this complex field of law, both in the EC and the UK. Most notable amongst the many developments in the EC is Regulation 2790/99 and the accompanying Guidelines on Vertical Restraints which have dramatically changed the application of Article 81 of the EC Treaty to vertical agreements. Meanwhile changes in the UK have been even more fundamental, with the adoption of the Competition Act 1998 and the prospect of further changes to domestic competition law in the pipeline.Covering all the important developments in this area in a way which is comprehensive yet accessible, Whish: Competition Law will prove invaluable both to law and economic students as well as to practitioners and officials involved in competition law matters."

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