Judas: A Biography

Judas: A Biography

by SusanGubar (Author)


In this comprehensive, interdisciplinary work, Susan Gubar asks who Judas Iscariot was and why he betrayed Jesus, exploring the meaning of Jesus' betrayer over twenty centuries. Despite the recent recovery of a Gnostic Gospel bearing his name, the centrality of the twelfth apostle has gone largely ignored. Yet artists throughout the ages have returned to this man, whose treacherous act inaugurates Jesus' death and resurrection. Gubar explains how Judas came to stand for the Jewish people and how he personifies a composite Judeo-Christianity that illuminates ambivalent relationships between Christians and Jews as well as changing attitudes toward the body, blood and money; greed and hypocrisy; suicide and repentance; and, homosexuality and divinity. Gubar shows how Jesus' most notorious disciple has provoked profound reflections on the problem of evil that still resonate today.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 453
Edition: 1
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Co.
Published: 21 Jul 2009

ISBN 10: 0393064832
ISBN 13: 9780393064834

Media Reviews
If Judas had not existed, God would have had to invent him. The divine script called for betrayal with a kiss, and someone had to be cast in that role. Judas, the intimate friend of the Son, became thus the indispensable collaborator of the Father and a figure of endlessly inviting ambivalence for the Western imagination. Susan Gubar has assembled a tour-de-force collection of Judas-art and Judas-literature and turned it into a Judas biography full of thought, heart, and fascination. -- Jack Miles, author of God: A Biography
A most readable account of the story of the New Testament's arch-villain and his history over the past 2000 years, Susan Gubar's Judas links Christian anti-Semitism with Christianity's attempt to grapple with transcendent evil. The recent discovery of the ancient Gospel of Judas makes Gubar's book a MUST READ. -- Sander Gilma
Author Bio
Susan Gubar was awarded, with Sandra M. Gilbert, the Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Book Critics Circle. She is the author of Memoir of a Debulked Woman and has authored and edited numerous works of criticism. She writes the monthly online New York Times column Living with Cancer and lives in Bloomington, Indiana.