The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions

The Sexual Male: Problems and Solutions

by RichardMilsten (Author), JulianSlowinski (Author)


An up-to-date guide to male sexual function for those men and their partners concerned about overcoming or preventing impotence, this book offers the information that is key to lifelong potency. In spite of the attention accompanying the release of Viagra and other drugs, many men and women remain broadly ignorant about the causes of occasional or chronic sexual dyscunction. The authors bring together medical and pscyholgical expertize to explain both healthy male sexual function and the problems that lead to impotence. The book details all the available treatment options, with an emphasis on prevention. Special topics include impotence and ageing, myths and fallacies about male sexual function, female sexuality and impotence, and a complete examination of the new impotence drugs. As the authors emphasize, knowledge is essential to the maintenance of sexual health and the successful treatment of impotence.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 331
Publisher: WW Norton & Co
Published: 17 Nov 1999

ISBN 10: 0393047407
ISBN 13: 9780393047400