Sauce For the Goose

Sauce For the Goose

Unknown Binding
ISBN13: 9780352334923

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Sauce For The Goose is a riotous and sometimes humorous celebration of the rich variety of human sexuality. Imaginative and colourfu,l each story explores a different theme or fantasy and the result is a fabulously bawdy melange of cheeky sensuality and hot thrills. A lively array of characters display an uninhibited and lusty energy for boundary breaking pleasure. This is a decidedly x-rated collection of stories designed for enjoyment and indulgence.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 0
Publisher Black Lace
Format Unknown Binding | 0
Book Overview Black Lace: the leading erotic imprint for women

Explicit sex keeps you turning the page. Lip-curling stuff for steamy days and nights. * The Guardian *

Mary Rose Maxwell is the author of Sauce for the Goose an x-rated short story collection available from Black Lace.