Wicked Words: A Black Lace Short Story Collection

Wicked Words: A Black Lace Short Story Collection

Mass Market Paperback
ISBN13: 9780352333636

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Outrageously sexy and deliciously decadent, Wicked Words short stories are the best in contemporary sexy fiction. The series is a showcase of writing by women at the cutting edge of erotic literature, pushing the boundaries of desire to bring you fantasies of unashamed indulgence. Fun, irreverent and arousing, this anthology combines humour and attitude with wildly imaginative, sensual writing. Lively and entertaining, seductive and daring. Wicked Words collections are the juiciest erotic stories to be found anywhere in the world.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 304
Item Height 27 mm
Item Width 109 mm
Item Weight 199 Gram
Product Dimensions 109 x 27 x 177
Publisher Black Lace
Format Mass Market Paperback | 304