The Wars of the Roses: England's First Civil War

The Wars of the Roses: England's First Civil War

by TrevorRoyle (Author)


THE WARS OF THE ROSES is the definitive account of one of the bloodiest episodes in British history - wars between the houses of York and Lancaster. Trevor Royle provides a military history of the Wars while placing the conflict in the context of the time. This was a period with a rich legacy: William Caxton introduced the art of printing; there was a growing body of literature, such as Chaucer, in the English tongue; architecture flourished and great educational institutions were born such as Winchester School and King's College, Cambridge.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
Publisher: Abacus
Published: 05 Aug 2010

ISBN 10: 034911790X
ISBN 13: 9780349117904
Book Overview: * The first major single history of the Wars of the Roses for decades, written by renowned popular and military historian, Trevor Royle, out now in paperback

Media Reviews
Spirited . . . An elegant, even-handed and well-researched account of a fascinating period * Jonathan Wright, Tablet *
A fine, expansive drama * The Times *
This is a book that enacts its assumptions, suggesting what's at stake historically through sheer resonance and drive . . . this unabashedly narrative approach highlights how the on-off struggle threw England into turmoil in the reign of six successive kings * Scotsman *
Well-written and readable . . . readers will be both entertained and instructed * BBC History Magazine *
Author Bio
Trevor Royle is a well-known writer and broadcaster on military history. His previous books include Orde Wingate, Crimea, Civil War and The Wars of the Roses. He is a columnist for the Sunday Herald, writing on international affairs and defence-related topics, and also writes scripts for the BBC. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.