A Tall Man in a Low Land :

A Tall Man in a Low Land : " Some Time Among The Belgians"

by HarryPearson (Author)


Most British travel writers head south for a destination that is hot, exotic, dangerous or all three. Harry Pearson chose to head in the opposite direction for a country which is damp, safe and of legendary banality: Belgium. But can any nation whose most famous monument is a statue of a small boy urinating really be that dull? Pearson lived there for several months, burying himself in the local culture. He drank many of the 800 different beers the Belgians produce; ate local delicacies such as kip kap (jellied pig cheeks) and a mighty tonnage of chicory and chips. In one restaurant the house speciality was 'Hare in the style of grandmother'. 'I didn't order it. I quite like hare, but had no wish to see one wearing zip-up boots and a blue beret.' A TALL MAN IN A LOW LAND commemorates strange events such as The Festival of Shrimps at Oostduinkerke and laments the passing of the Underpant Museum in Brussels. No reader will go away from A TALL MAN IN A LOW LAND without being able to name at least ten famous Belgians. Mixing evocative description and low-grade buffoonery Harry Pearson paints a portrait of Belgium that is more rounded than a Smurf after a night on the mussels.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: Reprinted Edition
Publisher: Abacus
Published: 02 Sep 2000

ISBN 10: 0349112061
ISBN 13: 9780349112060
Book Overview: * Subtitled 'SomeTime Amongst the Belgians', Harry Pearson's third book is a hilarious mixture of history, travel-writing and low-grade buffoonery.

Media Reviews
Pearson is as tall as he is funny and, believe me, he is very tall * THE FACE *
Funnier than Bill Bryson * Pete Davies, THE INDEPENDENT *
[Belgium] seems a great deal more interesting at the end of the book than it did at the beginning ... Pearson is really funny. Do not read this book in a public place * Jonathan Sale *
Author Bio
Harry Pearson was born on the day Petula Clark had her first number one hit single. His cousin is married to the chairman of the Rare Breeds Society. He is very tall.