Edexcel A2 Economics: Textbook

Edexcel A2 Economics: Textbook

by PeterSmith (Author)


This highly accessible book provides comprehensive coverage of the Edexcel A2 Economics specification. Combines clear and concise explanations and analysis of economic terms and concepts with frequent examples that show the application of those concepts to real-world situations. Exercises throughout the book enable students to engage in economic analysis in an active way that assists learning. Comprehensive coverage of the specification content Explains key terms and concepts Includes real-world examples Features regular summaries throughout each chapter for quick revision Provides exercises to engage students in economic analysis The book is supported by a Teacher Guide (9780340948064), including full commentary on the exercises together with additional questions and discussion points.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Publisher: Philip Allan
Published: 29 May 2009

ISBN 10: 0340949260
ISBN 13: 9780340949269

Media Reviews
I have got the AS edition of this book as well, and I really do recommend both of them wholeheartedly. Each book is split up into two parts, each part corresponding to the Unit exams for AS/A2. Both books have chapters set up in the same order as the Edexcel economics specification sheet ... so you will always know where topics are.The actual book itself is great. The writer assumes that some knowledge from AS has been forgotten in the 6 week holiday, so doesn't jump into the deep end straight away. Instead there is a brief introduction and then it explains what a firm is/does and goes on from there. Each chapter has learning outcomes, as well as a summary at the end, so you can use these as checklists when revising etc.There are lots of great diagrams, clearly annotated and actually USED well in the text, so you really get the context. The book also has quite a few colourful pictures and interesting factual tables to keep people motivated. The actual writing is quite lucid, but there is still room for great explanations and for harder concepts, and there are Key terms to read through to help even more. Exercises that involve more than just robotic definitions are also good, and come up every 10 or so pages to keep people on their toes!A great read and revision tool for A2 students, as well as anyone who is interested in the subject but already has a firm understanding of simple concepts. -- Amazon reviews
Author Bio
Peter Smith is a senior lecturer in the Economics Division at the University of Southampton, and is editor of Economic Review, published by Philip Allan Updates. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and an Associate of the Academy's Economics Network.