Email Jesus@Bethlehem

Email Jesus@Bethlehem

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If Jesus were born today, how would everyone receive the news? By satellite? Via the World Wide Web? On a mobile phone? By e-mail? This original picture book looks at the changes in technology and communication since the birth of Jesus.

Type Book
Number Of Pages 32
Item Height 6 mm
Item Width 204 mm
Item Weight 221 Gram
Product Dimensions 204 x 6 x 260
Publisher Hodder Children's Books
Format Paperback | 32

'Lively without being irreverent.' - The Bookseller 'A thoughtful and heartfelt survey.' - TES 'Just what the modern child should have' - Marianne Adey, Co-Ordinator Children's Book Award 'Let's imagine that Jesus was born today', these are the opening words of this delightful book. With few words, on pages with pictures that perfectly portray the story, the author and illustrator echo the original Christmas story until the last page when they remind us that everything Jesus taught and gave us two thousand years ago remains the same today. -- website REVIEW FOR COMPANION TITLE: E-MAIL JESUS@ANYTIME A very different book -- but one which has also been inspired by the internet - is 'e-mail: Jesus @anytime'. This is a children's book which imagines how the modern media would report Jesus' life and trial. It's cleverly written in the present tense -- so you feel the immediacy of the story -- and there are some very nice touches. I particularly like this illustration which goes with the words: 'Four authors write true stories about his life. They become bestsellers' -- and there you've got a picture of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John at their book signing! That's 'e-mail: Jesus @anytime' -- by Hilary Robinson and Anthony Lewis published by Hodder Childrens Books. It's GBP4.99 in paperback -- and GBP9.99 for the hardback. - Judy Merry, Good Morning Sunday, Radio 2

Hilary currently works as a Freelance Producer for the BBC having worked as a Researcher at Yorkshire television for six years and prior to that at TV-am in London. Hilary is the author of many children's books and also writes features on educational matters for a range of newspapers and magazines. Hilary is married with two young daughters. Anthony Lewis won the Smarties Prize in 1997 for The Owl Tree (Walker). He has an established reputation in the trade.