Teach Yourself Latin Grammar (TY Complete Grammar)

Teach Yourself Latin Grammar (TY Complete Grammar)

ISBN13: 9780340859599

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'Teach Yourself Latin Grammar' takes you through the principal elements of Latin grammar in a series of units which serve up the language in manageable chunks. Learning Latin grammar has never been easier - there are only ever one or two grammar points on a page with exercises on the facing page so that you can practise what you've learnt immediately. Everything is explained in simple language so you don't need knowledge of grammatical terminology to use it. The book starts with explanations of how Latin words are formed from simple forms of verbs, through nouns, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and pronouns to more complex forms of verbs, ending in an examination of the normal constructions found in Latin sentence structure. There are also units on Roman dates, money, weights and measures, names, history and the use of Latin today. You can work through the book from start to finish or dip in and out to study particular pieces of grammar. Latin grammar has a completely logical structure so simply follow the examples and exercises carefully and you'll have a good grasp of the grammar in no time.

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Gregory Klyve has been Head of Classics at Sevenoaks School, Kent and The Leys.