Contatti 1: STDNT BK 2ED: A First Course in Italian: Student's Book

Contatti 1: STDNT BK 2ED: A First Course in Italian: Student's Book

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There is a newer edition of this title: Contatti 1: Italian Beginners Course Book [ISBN: 9781444133141] Also available as: Course Pack [ISBN: 9781444133134], Activity Book [ISBN: 9781444139365] and Audio & Support Book Pack [ISBN: 978144133172]. (Type the ISBN into the search bar to find the title you want) The best-selling Italian course for adult beginners, is aimed at those wishing to learn Italian from scratch. Whether learning for work or pleasure, Contatti gives a thorough grounding in the language enabling learners to speak, read, write and understand contemporary Italian. Contatti 1, the first part of the course, introduces the key structures of the language over 14 thematic lessons with the emphasis placed firmly on communication. Authentic reading and listening materials are used extensively for a wide range of lively activities based on everyday situations in Italy. From the outset, a realistic range of registers and vocabulary encourage development of the essential skill of comprehension. There are regular opportunities for revision and consolidation, and vocabulary and grammar support are given both at the end of each lesson and in full at the end of the book. Contatti 1 is ideal for group and individual study and covers the skills and structures required at GCSE level. The changes for the second edition are not large scale, with exercises and realia updated where necessary, grammar explanations improved and a number of new photos and artwork. The use of English is kept to a minimum after the first two units in line with current practice. References to the internet and modern technology are included in the new edition, and Lire have been altered to Euros ready for the big changeover in January 02. (The accompanying cassettes have been revised to take this into account.) The familiar layout has been retained with small improvements to the design: new chapter openers and running headlines make for easier student reference and information box styles have been standardised.

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'... one of the best I have come across in my many attempts to master Italian. It is straight forward, easy to follow and seems to incorporate the grammar in a very easy way to take on board. Would thoroughly recommend it' -- Amazon user review 20100516

Both the authors are experienced teachers of Italian. Giuliana Checketts lectures in Italian at Thames Valley University.