Language Change: Language Change (Living Language)

Language Change: Language Change (Living Language)

by ShelleyMartin (Author)


This text encourages students to investigate language change through both new data and readily available archive documents. Students are given opportunities to develop their research skills through investigation into how the following have changed: personal records including letters and diaries; word meanings; public records; political persuasion techniques used throughout history (including election posters); instructional texts (including recipe books from Mrs Beeton to the present day); advertising language; and dictionaries. Archive material is provided for investigation. The book is part of the Living Language series, which is designed to meet needs in the teaching of A Level English Language and A Level English Language and Literature. The series seeks to provide information, ideas and background theory which can be easily accessed through enjoyable activities and investigations.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Published: 07 Jun 1999

ISBN 10: 0340730870
ISBN 13: 9780340730874

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Excellent. George Keith is very good in this regard, with books reflecting his courses and backed up by a writing team of practising teachers. -- Mr B Lead, St Wilfrid's C of E High School 19990624 Plenty of activities. Sufficient detail. Right level. Recommended by chief examiners. -- Mr Wallace, Woodhouse Sixth Form College 19990623 Clearly written, very accessible and at the appropriate level for the course. Written with syllabus requirements in mind. -- Ms S A Hawkins, Stockport College of Technology 19990625 ...well-written, well-organised, never remotely patronising. Any sane English department will have the original, the new eight (and accompanying tape) as soon as budgets permit...These are patient manuals and the authors have seleted genuinely interesting extracts to inform and illustrate their arguments. -- Times Educational Supplement ...these books would be an invaluable resource for any English Department teaching an 'A' Level sylalbus with language study in it. -- The Use of English