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Freeing Ourselves From The Mad Myths Of Parenthood!

Freeing Ourselves From The Mad Myths Of Parenthood!

Freeing Ourselves From The Mad Myths Of Parenthood!

ISBN13: 9780340708583
Published Date: 6 April, 2000

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Susan Jeffers explodes the modern myths of parenting as no one has ever dared before. With humour and compassion she shows how difficult it is to be a parent and reveals the insidious guilt traps set by the child care 'experts'. She questions many fashionable myths and half-truths that add to a parent's sense of inadequacy and guilt and offers her own 'survival' tools. Among the issues she addresses are: why parenthood can be a nightmare as well as a joy; the difficulties the relationship with your spouse can suffer after a child; how drastically life can change with parenthood; why mothers should not feel guilty to go back to work; and how we can have great fulfilment with - or without - children. This is the most liberating book parents will ever read!

. 'BRILLIANT! A brave and revolutionary book that dares to confront many of our long-cherished beliefs about parenthood and parenting' - Susan Forward, author of Emotional Blackmail. 'There is a terrific ring of truth about this book. Encouraging for parents and non-parents alike, it throws a clear spotlight onto what it really means to have a child' - Hester Lacey, Independent on Sunday. 'At last, totally guilt-free parenting! If only l'd had this book sixteen years ago when I started out' - Jenni Murray. 'The self-help guru Susan Jeffers may be on the verge of achieving the impossible: that of winning the admiration of parents far and wide with a seriously politically incorrect book about children' - Serena Allott, Telegraph

Susan Jeffers received a doctorate in psychology from Columbia University. She is a noted public speaker, workshop leader, and media personality. She has written several best-selling books on the subjects of fear, relationships and personal growth.

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