Geography and Change

Geography and Change

by David Flint (Author), NeilPunnett (Author), Corrin Flint (Author)


This text is designed for 14- to 16-year-old pupils. It takes the theme of change and concentrates on the way it relates to all aspects of geography, from rocks, rivers and coasts, to industry, cities and population. The text focuses on the issues which both give rise to and which arise from change, and investigates the human activity common to all of these processes. Change is examined at a range of scales, from local to international, and examples are taken from around the world. Four key ares are selected for detailed examination - the UK, Spain, Thailand and the USA - and these countries frequently appear in case study material. Physical, human and environmental themes are covered in the book which illustrates the dynamic nature of geography and the relevance of the subject.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Publisher: Hodder Arnold H&S
Published: 02 Dec 1996

ISBN 10: 0340647868
ISBN 13: 9780340647868