Holy Bible - New International Version (with Devotional Notes)

Holy Bible - New International Version (with Devotional Notes)

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Incorporated into the bestselling New International Version text are 1100 daily readings, taken from Selwyn Hughes' EVERY DAY WITH JESUS notes, which are read by half a million people daily. The notes aim to bring about a deeper understanding of the Bible and encourage daily reading of Scripture. These can be read over the course of three years. The devotional notes relate to the following themes: The Nature of God; The Life and Work of Christ; the Nature of Christ; God the Holy Spirit The Person in Christ; Discipleship; Towards Christian Maturity; Spiritual Warfare The Nature of the Church; The Work of the Church; the Church at Worship The Bible - Events and Characters Also features: an introduction on Methods of Bible Study, a Thematic Index and a One-Year Bible Reading Plan making this a rich resource for Bible reading.

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'we [Westminster Chapel] have been using it [the NIV] for about fifteen years, and we are extremely happy that it is part of our regular ministry.' -- Dr R. T. KENDALL 'I am frequently asked to read a lesson during a church service, and the NIV seems almost invariably to be the version to be used. Its strength, clarity and dignity strike me each time I read aloud.' -- SIR CLIFF RICHARD, OBE 'Over the past 21 years the NIV has established itself as one of the most widely used and appreciated modern versions of the Bible. The quality of its translation richly deserves this wide recognition and I hope that it will continue to be of equal benefit to many more people in the years to come.' -- The Most Revd and Right Honourable The Lord Archbi

International Bible Society: Published over 21 years ago, the NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION has become the world's best-selling contemporary Bible translation. More than 100 scholars worked for 15 years to complete it. Their main concern is that the NIV is faithful to the original languages while producing a clear, beautifully written and dignified translation suitable for private and public use. The Revd Selwyn Hughes is a minister with more than forty years experience in the Christian ministry and the author of more than 20 titles. His daily Bible reading notes, EVERY DAY WITH JESUS, are read by half a million people daily. He is also known for his counselling ministry as Founder and Director of Crusade for World Revival.