Mot a Mot: A New Advanced French Vocabulary

Mot a Mot: A New Advanced French Vocabulary

by PaulHumberstone (Author), PaulHumberstone (Author)


Intended for students studying A-level, AS-level and higher grade French this book lists words and phrases under the thematic headings familiar to students. Vocabulary items are contextualized where possible in phrases drawn from up-to-date authentic sources taken mainly from the French media. The book can be used as a reference source or as a means of systematic revision as it aims to supplement vocabulary learning which is either too limited, as in coursebooks, or too copious and unstructured as in dictionaries.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Hodder Arnold H&S
Published: 18 Apr 1991

ISBN 10: 0340547863
ISBN 13: 9780340547861