Contatti 1: A First Course in Italian

Contatti 1: A First Course in Italian

by Mariolina Freeth (Author), Giuliana Checketts (Author), Giuliana Checkettes (Author)


This student's book is the first part of a new two-stage Italian course designed specifically for the adult learner. It takes the learner to an intermediate level of Itallian in 14 thematic units, including two revision chapters. Each unit is designed to provide material for two two-hour evening classes. While retaining the practical and realistic approach of GCSE-type courses, Contatti 1 goes beyond immediate transcational language. From the beginning, the student is exposed to a range of vocabulary and is encouraged to develop the essential skill of gist comprehension. The use of English is kept to a minimum in the body of the book, but grammatical and vocabulary support is given in brief at the end of each lesson and in full at the back of the book. The emphasis is placed on practical, oral comprehension. The course comprises of a student's book and a support book/cassette pack. The support book contains tape transcripts and a key to exercises as an aid to the independent learner. Course elements are also available in a complete pack.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: Hodder Arnold H&S
Published: 07 Jan 1993

ISBN 10: 0340529881
ISBN 13: 9780340529881