Unscathed: Escape from Sierra Leone

Unscathed: Escape from Sierra Leone

by PhilipAshby (Author), PhilipAshby (Author)


Major Phil Ashby already had a reputation for surviving scrapes, where others would - and did - break bones and worse. His strength, resourcefulness and luck had been tested to the full during his career in the Royal Marines' elite Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre and various adventurous expeditions. That luck, however, appeared to have run out in May 2000, when he was working for the UN, disarming brutalized rebels in war-ravaged Sierra Leone. When the rebels turned on the UN's representatives, butchering, skinning alive and dismembering several peacekeepers and taking over 500 hostages, it seemed that all was lost and that Ashby and the other two Brits and a Kiwi would perish violently and gruesomely. Instead, Ashby took the decision to die quickly rather than slowly by attempting to escape through rebel lines. They were vastly outnumbered. They were unarmed. Somehow he led his three colleagues on a daring, dramatic escape through hostile jungle. He was awarded the Queen's Gallantry medal for his actions.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 266
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Pan Books
Published: 10 May 2002

ISBN 10: 0333989201
ISBN 13: 9780333989203

Author Bio
Numerous accolades have collected through Phil's life after graduating from Cambridge in 1991. As a Royal Marine, he has been awarded the Commando medal, served as Troop Commander around the globe, served as Captain with The Parachute Regiment in the UK, Norway and Northern Ireland, and as Major, obviously, was posted to Sierra Leone to work with United Nations as a Military Observer. In April 2001 Phil was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal for 'courage, coolness and leadership'. He is about to start a full time Masters' Degree at Royal Military College of Science before attending Staff College in 2002.