God is Dead

God is Dead

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God - or Sora, as she's called - has come to earth to experience its conflicts first hand, but adopting a human form also means assuming human frailty and mortality, and when Sora's death - and her true identity - is discovered, the world is immediately and irrevocably changed. Waves of panic, civil unrest and mass suicide sweep the globe; young men take the future into their own hands, armies go to war over fate versus free will, and parents - in the absence of an alternative, and with nothing else to do on a Sunday - turn their children into objects of worship.

On the surface, this is a world that is utterly transformed. Yet as protective parents clash with wilful teenagers, seemingly mis-matched couples conduct clandestine affairs, and small-town gossips thrive on rumour and innuendo, certain things remain unchanged. In fact, perhaps the biggest surprise for those who survive the initial shock is that - even without God - life goes on.

In God is Dead, Ron Currie combines the satirical prescience of Jonathan Swift, the dark appeal of Chuck Palaniuk and the provocative enquiry of Kurt Vonnegut. At the same time, God is Dead is truly - and terrifyingly - original; blasphemous and heretical, it's an exceptional debut and a remarkable read.

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a Currieas strength rests in his ability to focus humanityas conundrums on the smallest physical particles. The truth he presents is that the world has become absurd; he is merely delivering a steady-cam view.a a Los Angeles Times a [A] cavalierly ambitious debut . . . with talking dogs, text messageahappy teenagers, and end-of-day shenanigans. Like Kurt Vonnegut, he seems to understand that in the face of grim and grave concerns, humor is a more powerful salt than screed.a aJohn Freeman, San Francisco Chronicle

Ron Currie Junior lives in the USA.