The Princess Diaries: Give me Five

The Princess Diaries: Give me Five

by Meg Cabot (Author)


Mia is about to turn fifteen - and can't wait to dance the night away with Michael at the biggest, most romantic event of her life so far: the senior prom! But nothing's going according to plan. Not only does Mia face a snoozefest summer of sceptre-wielding in Genovia. Even worse is the fact that Michael hasn't even INVITED Mia to the prom at all. Hello, what is going on here? Just as Mia comes up with a perfect plan to change her man's mind, disaster strikes. A disaster that only a genius like Grandmere can overcome...


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: offset Intype 4/4 60/20
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Published: 01 Jun 2007

ISBN 10: 0330415514
ISBN 13: 9780330415514
Children’s book age: 12+ Years
Book Overview: Part of a major rejacketing and relaunch of THE PRINCESS DIARIES series with an innovative and stunning new cover design. Macmillan has sold more than 2 million PRINCESS DIARIES books since publication started in 2001. THE PRINCESS DIARIES: MIA GOES FOURTH became number one on the bookseller bestseller chart - knocking off Harry Potter for the first time in two and a half years! The relaunch of THE PRINCESS DIARIES series will be fully promoted to both the trade and the consumer. The Meg Cabot community continues to grow - the SMS Princess Diaries Princess Club, launched in September 2002, now has over 32,000 members. continues to get bigger and better, and now has an E-Princess Diaries Princess Club which has over 4,000 members. All titles are fully promoted to the SMS club and on the website. We also have a 100-strong specially-selected army of Meg Cabot superfans who promote her books through word of mouth across the UK.
Prizes: Shortlisted for BBC Big Read Top 100 2003.

Author Bio
Meg Cabot is the author of The Princess Diaries series as well as several other series and bestselling novels for teenagers. Her books have sold millions of copies round the world. She has lived in various parts of the US and France, but now lives in Key West, Florida, with her husband and one-eyed cat, Henrietta.