How to Wow with Illustrator

How to Wow with Illustrator

by Barbara Obermeier (Author), RonChan (Author)


Wouldn't it be great if you could have two of the world's most accomplished and sought-after graphic artists sitting next to you at your computer as you navigate the infinite possibilities of Adobe Illustrator CS2? How to Wow with Illustrator CS2 is the next-best thing. Two Illustrator powerhouses-Ron Chan and Barbara Obermeier-both renowned graphic designers and trainers, have developed an effective way to help you reach your full creative potential. Ron and Barbara guide you step-by-step through real-world techniques, with an emphasis on uncompromising quality, last-minute flexibility, and go-home-at-night speed! You'll learn tips and techniques on everything from sophisticated typography to commercial graphics approaches using Illustrator CS2. You're given the inspiration and know-how at every stage of the creative process in order to learn How to Wow! This book begins with the essentials of Illustrator, including effectively working with layers and tools and integrating with other applications, and then moves on to innovative ideas for making your graphics and typography dazzle the eye. You'll encounter fascinating techniques for giving your work that competitive, professional edge.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Edition: 1
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Published: 13 Dec 2006

ISBN 10: 0321434544
ISBN 13: 9780321434548