QuarkXpress Design

QuarkXpress Design

by Michael Baumgardt (Author)


Few designers have explored the intersecting worlds of design and QuarkXPress as thoroughly as best-selling author Michael Baumgardt. Luckily for us, he reveals his expertise here to show designers how they can create more effective designs using QuarkXPress. The focus in this volume is on the work, and indeed you'll find plenty of examples of other designers' work in these pages: to illustrate important concepts, serve as starting points for readers' own projects, and inspire. The first section of QuarkXPress 6 for Print and Web Design focuses on desktop publishing, tackling important topics such as working with text, preparing images, and choosing colors-all from a designer's perspective. The second section shows you how you can use QuarkXPress 6's powerful new Web capabilities to design great Web sites. Along the way you'll encounter interviews with top designers, numerous practical tips, and a chapter full of design tricks: Pick an effect (drop shadow, transparency, and more), and see how it was created. Essential reading for anyone who's interested in stretching their designs--and imagination--with QuarkXPress.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 360
Edition: 1
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Published: 12 Dec 2003

ISBN 10: 0321168909
ISBN 13: 9780321168900
Book Overview:

Most books about QuarkXPress approach the application from a purely technical angle. Not so in QuarkXPress Design. Written by a designer for design professionals, this volume focuses on ways designers can use QuarkXPress to extend their palettes and communicate their design vision. Divided into two primary sections, desktop publishing and Web design, the book begins with a chapter on design concepts, offering guidelines for, and examples of, great design for a variety of end purposes. It then explains how to work with text, prepare images, make color selections, and use select design techniques, all with an eye to the particular needs of designers. The book also shows readers how they can take advantage of QuarkXPress 5's new Web capabilities to design pleasing and usable Web sites. Throughout, readers will find loads of tips and pieces of practical advice to illustrate important concepts, serve as starting points for readers' own projects, and inspire. Designers interested in using QuarkXPress to extend their vision and skill will want this book.

Author Bio

Michael Baumgardt is one of Germany?s most respected authors on Web design and desktop publishing. One of the first designers to adopt desktop publishing, he made the leap into Web design in 1996. His books on design are consistent bestsellers. Michael is the author of Adobe Photoshop 7 Web Design.