Art Deco Ceramics (Christie's Collectables)

Art Deco Ceramics (Christie's Collectables)

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ISBN13: 9780316877824

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One of four titles in the "Christie's Collectables" gift book series, this guide to Art Deco ceramics is intended for both the avid antiques collector and the armchair enthusiast. It explores the story of the artistic and technical developments of antique and collectable art deco ceramics and particulary details the Art Deco manufacturers such as Royal Doulton and Limoges. Examples are both rare, so that readers can appreciate "the great and the good", and everyday, which for many collectors provide the starting point for an interest in owning antiques. Close-up photographs and artworks are used to pinpoint details and provide precise keys to dating, and the text is written by an expert from Christie's, providing both the novice and the serious collector with an authoritative guide to owning and collecting antiques.

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