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by David Michie (Author)


Lorna Reid had become a medical heroine when the results of her research into an anti-ageing drug were published. Working with a panel of patients suffering from progeria, she had proved that the drug, NP3, could arrest or reverse their abnormal ageing process. Then one of her best patients is killed and she becomes aware that the results of the thirty-year-old research on which NP3 is based needs to be re-examined. When she tries to track down the original scientist she finds he has just died in a mysterious fire, and she herself is attacked. Then the test results on her own patients begin to go wrong, but she can see the irrefutable evidence that these people are in much better shape than before they were given the drug. So who could be sabotaging what is proven to be a life-saving treatment? Once again David Michie skilfully taps into a highly topical subject, where the greed of the suits running the big pharmaceutical and health corporations far outweighs any respect for human life. Visit the author's website on www.davidmichie.com


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Published: 16 May 2002

ISBN 10: 0316859451
ISBN 13: 9780316859455
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Media Reviews
An enjoyable conspiracy thriller, presenting a convincing view of the lengths that big business will fo in order to protect its profits. MORNING STAR This brilliant, occasionally disturbing novel is as much concerned with the dark acts of public relations as it is with the no less murky world of gene therapy. CHOICE
Author Bio
David Michie was born in Zimbabwe of Scottish parents, educated in South Africa, and worked in the UK before moving to Perth with his Australian wife. He was the author of the non-fiction expose of spin-doctors, THE INVISIBLE PERSUADERS, and is currently working on his fourth novel.