Y: The Descent of Men

Y: The Descent of Men

by Professor Steve Jones (Author)


Men, towards the end of the last millennium, felt a sudden tightening of the bowels with the news that the services of their sex had at last been dispensed with. Dolly the Sheep - conceived without male assistance - had arrived. Her birth reminded at least half the population of how precarious man's position may be. What is the point of being a man? For a brief and essential instant he is a donor of DNA; but outside that glorious moment his role is hard to understand. This book is about science not society; about maleness not manhood. The condition is, in the end, a matter of biology, whatever limits that science may have in explaining the human condition. Today's advances in medicine and in genetics mean at last we understand why men exist and why they are so frequent. We understand from hormones to hydraulics how man's machinery works, why he dies so young and how his brain differs from that of the rest of mankind.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 288
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Little, Brown
Published: 19 Sep 2002

ISBN 10: 0316856150
ISBN 13: 9780316856157

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On the centenary of the discovery of the Y chromosome, prize-winning science writer and author of Almost Like a Whale Steve Jones takes an objective look at masculinity - from bodies to brains, from genes to genitals.
Author Bio
A Prof. of Genetics at University College, London he has worked at universities in the USA, Australia & Africa. He gave the Reith Lectures in 1991 & presented a TV series on human genetics & evolution in 1996. A columnist for the D. Tel. he frequently appears on radio & t.v.