The First World War (Cassell'S History Of Warfare)

The First World War (Cassell'S History Of Warfare)

by TrevorWilson (Author), RobinPrior (Author)


This is a concise and very readable history based on the latest academic research. It renders all other popular paperback histories out-of-date. The authors are internationally acclaimed experts in their field whose previous books have profoundly changed our understanding of the First World War. Their modern approach contrasts vividly with the polemic of Alan Clark (Lions led by Donkeys) and the burlesque Oh, What a Lovely War. Prior and Wilson have produced a brilliant synthesis of the modern view of the war that transformed the 20th century.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published: 29 Nov 2001

ISBN 10: 030435984X
ISBN 13: 9780304359844
Book Overview: Part of a unique venture: Cassell's History of Warfare, a twenty-four-volume series that captures the entire history of war and warfare, written by the world's leading experts. Fully illustrated throughout and incorporating computer-generated cartography that brings the battlefields to life. The hardback first published in 1999 has sold over 10,000 copies

Author Bio
Trevor Wilson is Professor of History at Adelaide University, Australia. His huge book The Myriad Faces of War has come to be recognised as one of the most important studies of the First World War ever published. He has collaborated frequently with Robin Prior, who teaches in the History Department of the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. Their joint publications include: Passchendaele The Untold Story and Command on the Western Front: The Military Career of General Sir Henry Rawlinson 1914-18.