The Xmas Files: The Philosophy of Christmas

The Xmas Files: The Philosophy of Christmas

by StephenLaw (Author)


In a secular society, does Christmas mean anything anymore? As we stuff ourselves with plumped-up turkeys, unwrap the latest useless gadget, and gather round the family tree, what real relevance does the festive season have and why do we perpetuate it? "The Philosophy of Christmas" is designed to be a fun book but one underpinned by an exploration of serious philosophical issues. The way we celebrate Christmas says a lot about the way we relate to each other, our society and values. For instance, did you know that Santa's outfit is only red and white because those are the colours of the Coca Cola company? Already a bestselling author, Stephen Law takes a look at such things as the virgin birth (David Hume's theories on miracles), Bertrand Russell's turkey, the existential angst of Santa, and peace on earth to produce a humourous, varied and thought-provoking collection.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 140
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published: 09 Oct 2003

ISBN 10: 0297847228
ISBN 13: 9780297847229
Book Overview: Perfect 'thinking person's' Christmas gift, along the lines of Roger Highfield's Can Reindeer Fly, which has annual sales of over 12,000 copies Small B-hardback and low cover price make this an excellent till-side book Special Christmas presenter, also featuring our other Christmas books Stephen Law's book The Philosophy Files (Orion childrens) has sold over 26,000 copies to date (US rights also sold) His follow-up, The Outer Limits, will be published September 2003 so he will already be in the public eye Strong sales for our philosophy titles - The Meaning of Things has sold nearly 30,000 copies in paperback Strong contender for Christmas newspaper and magazine serial Promotable, UK-based author

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Not just about Christmas. It is also a concise primer to some of the main issues in religious and moral philosophy, wrapped up in a seasonal context. THE HERALD As Law reassesses the meanings behind the season, he does his damnedest to make the whole terrain accessible to the non-philosophy student. THE LIST For the clever one in the family. BELFAST TELEGRAPH
Author Bio
Stephen Law was a school dropout who became a postman in Cambridge, then took a degree in philosophy at Oxford, becoming a Junior Research Fellow at the Queen's College. He now teaches philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London.